What's cooler than your voice recording as your phone case? Maddie's is '*All I Need is an Angel'* and Bryee's is '*Somewhere Over the Rainbow'* We love VoicePix!

-  Lisa King.

Amazing on so many levels!

- Matthew Hubble British FashionDesigner.

Obsessed! I am swooning.

- Tiffany Pratt Toronto Designer on HGTVand Author of This Can Be Beautiful.

In a world where you can walk into a store and buy the same piece of wall art as 1 million other people, it's nice to have options that are more unique than that, VoicePix prices are not crazy for artwork you won't ever see decorating the walls at someone else's house.

- Amanda Kooser TechCulture CNET.

I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much.

- Danielle Simnitt.

Thank you for the prompt service! Once received I decided to order another just now. Great last minute gift!

- Brianna Scampton.

This one is perfect! Thanks so much.

- Alice Moore.

This is such an awesome 'thing' you do!

- Kate Tyndall.

I read about you a week or so ago, in the Merrimack Valley Magazine (Innovation Section) and I was fascinated. I was quite touched by how you have been able to keep something so personal and beautiful...the cherished visual artwork.

- Kate Tyndall.

I appreciate the variance. It's greatly appreciated.

- Geoph H.for Soumia Yhap.

Thank you guys. This artwork is very creative and sentimental and pretty affordable. Plus you guys are very speedy and easy to work with. I'm sure my girlfriend will love this.

- Grant Stovall.

Thanks so much for working with me. Think my niece will love the"Fire and Rain." Thanks again.

- Dianne Vatalero.

This is one of those business plans where you say How brilliant! I wish I thought of that!

- CNET comment.