Send Us Your Voice And Let Us Make You Your Own Personalized iPhone Cases,Canvases And Digital High Resolution File

  • Your voice is one of the most individual and unique traits you have.  Unlike your fingerprint, your voice will never appear exactly the same way twice. How cool is that? Everybody has something nice or funny or memorable to say. We promise you’ll never create a better conversation piece!
  • YOUR WORDS MATTER. We respect the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) but please note that the ultimate driving force behind VoicePix is to spread messages of kindness and awareness. So far, all recordings that have come through our site have been words of love and celebration. This encourages us to maintain our belief that humans have mostly good things to say to one another!
  • We do not share your audio files with anyone. Once our design team has rendered your digital file, your recording is deleted. Your privacy is secure. You are creating a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that cannot be replicated.
  • Phone cases will be shipped within 7 days from the very cool makers at Head Case Designs.
  • Canvases are shipped promptly (10-12 business days) directly from the Awesome Easy Canvas Prints.
  • Your digital High Resolution file will be emailed to you within 24 hours after we receive your audio files!