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Artist Statement

A humanitarian at heart, VoicePix founder Amy Gilvary’s innovative artistic vision coincides with her social inclination to spread love, kindness and acceptance through intersectional creativity. Her creation of VoicePix depicts the digital soundscapes of socially conscious people. Her works are highly symbolic images of the power of words, particularly the contemporary artist’s role as cultural innovator and change-maker.

Artist Bio

I spent my dreamy twenties in NYC recording studios as a singer/songwriter and one very late night when I looked at my engineer’s computer screen illuminated in the dark, I got fixated on the beauty of the soundwaves we were editing. It was conceptual art and a new way of looking at words- (their appearance as they are delivered by the speaker, as opposed to written on paper.) That experience coupled with my obsessive love of quotes and voices and truth and color and music and art led me to create VoicePix. I see myself as a messenger to start contemplation and dialogue as my prime purpose. I think that’s what I had been trying to accomplish with my music all along.

Works exhibited

Agora Gallery, NYC The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition 2014 (The Lady Gaga, The Macklemore)

NAWA UniteWomen.org online exhibition Voices: An Artist’s Perspective (The Gloria Steinem)

East Hampton Karyn Mannix Contemporary, Hamptons NY. What Becomes a Legend Most 2016 (The Lauren Bacall)

Petaluma Arts Center, CA theNeuwPolitic: Artists Explore 2017 (Trump in B&W)

PEACE DE RESISTANCE juried group show in NYC 2017 (Trump in B&W)

States of the Union book 2017 (Trump in B&W)

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